Search Result Types doesn’t alert to do a Property Sync

I found a many posts and comments under blogs asking for help with this issue. Once you update search display template, alert should appear in search result types asking for synchronization properties due to changes.

Properties Sync Alert

But it doesn’t. This seems to be a common problem. I’ve been fighting with it as well. Here are my findings.

1) First of all: you should NEVER update the out of the box display templates
Instead of that, create a copy of existing template, rename the file and change display template title. For example you won’t be able to add custom search properties into the OOB display template.

2) DO NOT TOUCH .js template file
It’s something like system file. You should only update .html template. Once you will upload your customized .html file, the .js file will be created, or updated automatically.

3) Property Sync alert will be shown only when new property is added to template
It won’t be displayed when you change the visual page, or you will be updating native (out of the box) display template.

4) Sometimes even when you are doing everything right the alert won’t appear
Don’t forget you are working with SharePoint… Sometimes, you have to push it to make it work. For this issue, we can use powershell that will force update.

$ssa = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication

$tenantOwner = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchOwner -Level SPWeb -SPWeb ""

Get-SPEnterpriseSearchResultItemType -Owner $tenantOwner -SearchApplication $ssa

$ResultType = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchResultItemType -SearchApplication $ssa -Owner $tenantOwner | where-object { $_.Name -eq "CustomResultType" }


Of course I’ve been naive and I tried to update native result type. I’ve got an error:

Exception calling "UpdateResultItemType" with "1" argument(s): "built-in objects are immutable"

This message is pretty straight forward, you can’t do any change to out of the box result types ;)

5) Make sure property is searchable
Another issue I had was displaying a Manager property in People search. You need to enable Alias and Indexed in User Profile Service for this property and do a full crawl. This is needed for all other profile properties that you wanna display in search results.

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